Simply the best in corporate awards and giftware. This is a friend and old roommate of mine living in Nanaimo.

A friend of mine's website.

Idea Jar Technologies

This is another past roommate and friend of mine with his own web software development company.

The Camera Store

This is the camera store in Calgary, Alberta where I have purchased most of my stuff. Great service, prices, and the staff is very knowledgeable.


You know, I'm not really into pushing the open source software, but this is an amazing product. I use this browser primarily now because of the tabs and plugins available for it. Internet Explorer will have tabs in IE7, but the plugins are hard to beat. For example, their is an FTP bookmark plugin that auto-loads and auto-saves my bookmarks to an ftp site so that wherever I have firefox installed (home and work), my bookmarks stay the same.


I have been into this site quite a bit lately. It doesn't have an unbiased approach and you can't guarantee its accuracy, but it is kept so up to date that it is hard to not refer to it when researching information on anything.